The fancy dress party at Hotel Monte Bianco is an event from Lord Parker's 'Oliday. Its main interest lies in the number of familiar faces and outfits that can be seen among those who attend.

The party was organized by Faccini, the manager at the Hotel Monte Bianco, together with his assistant Bruno, to celebrate electricity coming to the Monte Bianco.

Hotel Table Plan

Hotel Table Plan

Table OneEdit

Table 1

Other Appearances (Isn't That...?)Edit

Table TwoEdit

Table Two

Table ThreeEdit

Table Three

Other Appearances (Isn't That...?)Edit

He is dressed in a Zombite uniform.

Table FourEdit

Table Four
  • The man standing is Bruno, the hotel waiter.

Other Appearances (Isn't That...?)Edit

  • Man in Admiral's uniform is the Foreign Airforce Colonel from The Cham-Cham. His outfit was seen previously seen in the "Stingray" episodes Set Sail For Adventure and The Cool Cave Man.

Table FiveEdit

Table Five

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Table SixEdit

Table Six

Other Appearances (Isn't That...?)Edit

Table SevenEdit

Table Seven


The chairs and tables had already been used in six previous episodes:


A chair back

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