"Fault Line" is the eighth episode of Thunderbirds 2086, and fifth produced overall. The episode first aired in Japan on May 15, 1982.


U.E. Plant #1, the world's first underwater commercial thermoelectric power plant, is built directly over the Maui fault line near Hawaii. Progress goes well, until Edward Frontosa heads down to illegally mine for a mysterious substance. His greed results in the fault going unstable, and threatens to destroy the entire power plant.


(To Be Added)

IRO Equipment UsedEdit


  • First Appearance: Thunderbird 4 and Thunderbird 13.
  • First Mention: Thunderbird 14, Cryolite.

Anderson Stock LibraryEdit

  • A snatch from the 'suspense' music, as heard in episodes such as The Uninvited, is played while Edward steals the underwater map.

Foreign NameEdit

  • Japanese: Escape from the Sea of Magma (マグマの海からの脱出) 

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