International Rescue's new fire-fighting machine, code named Firebug!

It was reported in the Thunderbirds Comic that Brains himself had to be rescued when he was testing an early prototype of this model. On that occasion Thunderbird 2's grabs had to lift the vehicle with its precious driver to safety.

Information on the Firebug is still classified, but we are able to reveal that the vehicle can withstand incredibly high temperatures and will be used to enter the very heart of the fiercest conflagration. Computers and sensors on board the machine will be used to help build a picture of the story of the fire - the way it was started, the most effective method of extinguishing it, the position of the dangerous hot-spots.

As with many of the International Rescue auxiliary equipment the Firebug can be controlled remotely from the other Thunderbird craft.

The Firebug was one of several Thunderbird themed models made by Martin Bower and was used as the cover for Volume 7 of Polygram's VHS video released in 1993, and again by ITV studios in 2004 for their region 2 DVD.