The Hood planted a bomb in the landing gear of the Fireflash on its maiden flight in Trapped in the Sky.

The Aircraft TX-204 was on target practice, when it was recalled to London Airport to assist in an attempt by Lieutentent Bob Meddings to dislodge a bomb from the undercarriage of the stricken plane.
Meddings had devised a plan to be winched aboard the Fireflash by using the target of the TX-204. The plan itself meant that Meddings had to be released out the back of the Aircraft holding onto the Target while the TX-204 was maneuvered underneath the Fireflash's open Hatch door, so as to enable him to get to the bomb.
Meddings made a brave attempt and nearly got aboard the plane but lost his grip at the last moment, and had to parachute to the ground.


  • The entire 10-minute sequence showing the failed rescue attempt was added to the episode when Lew Grade told the producers to lengthen the episode from 30 to 50 minutes.