Fireflash 1 was the first of a fleet of at least 5 aircraft owned and operated by Air Terrainean (Airways). It was flown by Captain Hanson and his Co-Pilot on its maiden flight from London to Tokyo.

Among its passengers was Tin-Tin, who was on her way back to Tracy Island.

Plotting to lure the International Rescue craft, The Hood straps a bomb to the landing gear of the atomic-powered airliner. If the crew attemps a landing by conventional means the bomb will detonate. International Rescue saves the day by using their Elevator Cars for the aircraft to land on.

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Flight to Nice, FranceEdit

In The Man From MI.5, Lady Penelope travels by Fireflash aircraft, alone to Nice airport. Parker is waiting in FAB 1 to take her to The Forest of Digne for a meeting with Jimmy Bondson, in relation to stolen plans of a nuclear device.


  • It is possible that Lady Penelope was traveling on another Fireflash Aircraft, as the only crew member seen is the cocktail waiter, who is different to the one seen in the episode Trapped in the Sky.