Fireflash 4 is an aircraft featured in Operation Crash-Dive. Soon after it launched, it experiences difficulties and crashes into the sea. However, the flight has been monitored by Alan Tracy on Thunderbird 5 and he is able to report that the craft is actually some 180 miles northwest of the position reported by the crew.

Fireflash sinks and the crew are trapped in the cabin when the emergency exit becomes jammed. They are later rescued from the seabed by Gordon Tracy in Thunderbird 4.


The Cockpit's ControlsEdit

The cockpit's control panel contains many kinds of indicators and switches, including flight plain, ground burst indicators and automatic power units, to name but a few, needed for the crew to fly the plane.

The CrewEdit

Fireflash's crew consisted of and unnamed pilot and a co-pilot Bob.

The CrashEdit

The crew lose control of the plane and it crashes into the sea.

The RescueEdit

After Fireflash 4 settles on the sea's surface, she quickly sinks to the seabed. The crew are stuck inside, as the escape hatch is stuck fast.

Thunderbird 4 is able to find the stricken plane and cuts off the engines to allow the plane to float back to the surface.

Thunderbird 2 airlifts the crew using the rescue cage.