The Foam Stabilization Pod is a Pod vehicle in Thunderbirds Are Go!.

Buildable with both rotors for flight and caterpillar tracks for land travel, the Foam Stabilization Pod specialises in saving structures from collapse using an unknown adhesive that expands rapidly. The substance is fired with two side mounted hoses and contained in four small silos attached to the back.


Chain Of Command Edit

The debut episode of the Foam Stabilization Pod. It is used twice; first with the rotors installed, and then with the caterpillar tracks instead.

Mission 1 Edit

A militaristic truck belonging to the Global Defence Force is stuck on a collapsing bridge, and is about to fall far down into the valley with the driver unable to get out. Scott in Thunderbird 1 picked up the driver, and Virgil in Thunderbird 2 held the bridge up so that Alan and Gordon could use two Foam Stabilization Pod's to fix the bridge. The foam seemed to have worked for a few seconds, but strangely, the bridge somehow managed to fall down into the valley anyway.

Mission 2 Edit

The near completed construction of the giant San Madeena building is threatened by a growing sinkhole. Not only would the fall of the building be chaotic for anyone nearby, but as it shakes and falls apart, the lives of the construction workers within are at stake. Scott, Virgil, Gordon and Alan went together in Thunderbird 2. The Saad Madeena mission was greatly delayed by an encounter with Colonel Martin Janus, and there was no time to waste upon arriving. Thunderbird 2 evacuated the workers, while one Foam Stabilization Pod shot it's adhesive all around the bottom of the building from, courtesy of The Mole, underground.