The Ford Commercial Transporter is a type of vehicle that appeared in Terror In New York City, Edge Of Impact, Day Of Disaster, The Impostors, The Mighty Atom, Operation Crash-Dive, and Alias Mr. Hackenbacker.

N.T.B.S Newservice Camera VanEdit

Ned Cook used a green N.T.B.S variant in Terror In New York City. It had a roof-mounted camera which could be used to film even whilst the vehicle was moving.

Ford Commercial Transporter


North Pole Laundry ServiceEdit

Seen in Edge Of Impact, The Hood, disguised as a delivery man, drives a "North Pole Laundry Service" van.

4 Structural Maintenance VanEdit

Also seen in later in Edge Of Impact - this time The Hood is driving a "4 Structural Maintenance" van. Probably he has simply repainted the signage as part of his disguise.



Military VanEdit

Seen parked by an airfield tower in Alias Mr. Hackenbacker.


Alias Mr. Hackenbacker

Van 1

Puppet-size model

Blue Commercial VanEdit

Seen parked at the Australian plant reactor in The Mighty Atom.


Blue Commercial Van (2)Edit

Seen trying to access London Airport in Operation Crash-Dive.


Operation Crash-Dive

Blue Commercial Van (3)Edit

Seen parked next to the London Airport Underpass in The Impostors.


Ambulance TransporterEdit

Seen parked with other rescue vehicles, on the edge of the runway in Alias Mr. Hackenbacker.


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