Equipment & Vehicles
Ford Model T
Jeremiah's Car — A Ford Model T
Type: Supercharged turbo-boosted, Model T
Main Operator: Jeremiah Tuttle
Appearances: The Impostors

The Ford Model T is a car made by the Ford Motor Company. Over 15,000,000 were produced between 1908 and 1927.

Jeremiah's VariantEdit

The Ford Model T owned by Jeremiah Tuttle appears in The Impostors. Although it may look like it has gone shabby with neglect, it has been fitted out with some advanced technological features, such as a turbo-boost supercharger for extreme speed.

It is capable of outrunning just about every other sports car, as shown when Jeremiah overtakes a speed merchant.

When the car is not being used, Jeremiah's chickens roost in it.


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