The Ford Thunderbird was by far the most frequently seen type of car in the classic Thunderbirds episodes.

The miniatures were die cast metal toy cars from Corgi's 1959 Ford Thunderbird range, either No. 214 (hardtop) or No. 215 (convertible). Larger, scratch built cars of this type were also built, for use in close-up shots.

Corgi 1959 Ford Thunderbird No. 214Edit

Australian Irrigation PlantEdit

Red c ar

A red Ford Thunderbird hard top was seen driving away from the irrigation plant when fire broke out in The Mighty Atom.

Note the blue van in the background.

Corgi 1959 Ford Thunderbird No. 214.SEdit

Joe Carter's Ford ThunderbirdEdit

Car 1

Seen in City Of Fire, when Joe Carter takes his family to see the opening of the Thompson Tower.

Corgi 1959 Ford Convertible No. 215Edit

Thompson Tower Controller's CarEdit

Car 5

This is the red Ford Thunderbird convertible that the Thompson Tower Controller lent to Scott to get back to Thunderbird 2 in City Of Fire. This is simply a re-painted version of the Ford Thunderbird used throughout the series.

Crook with Machine Gun's CarEdit


At the beginning of Brink Of Disaster, two crooks chase after Lady Penelope in a red Ford convertible.

Warren Grafton's CarEdit


Seen in Brink Of Disaster, chauffeur Malloy takes Warren Grafton to Creighton-Ward Manor, for a visit to Lady Penelope.

Harry Malloy's Open Top CarEdit


Possibly borrowed from his boss Warren Grafton. Used in the robbery of Creighton-Ward Manor in Brink Of Disaster.

Tom Prescott's CarEdit

Prescotts car

In 30 Minutes After Noon, Tom Prescott drove a red Ford convertible.

Brains' (Mr Hackenbackers) CarEdit

Seen in Alias Mr. Hackenbacker, Brains is driving a yellow with green trim, version of the Ford Thunderbird, when arriving at London International Airport.

Brains' Car

Car Radio

François Lemaire's CarEdit

Madeline drives François Lemaire to his fashion show, aboard the Skythrust, in a pink convertible Ford Thunderbird.

Madiline's car

1/24th Scale plastic kitsEdit

Several manufactures produced plastic kits of the 1959 Ford Thunderbird. Staff at the workshop in Slough more than likely purchased kits available locally at the time. Below are two examples of 1/24th scale kits, but it is unknown what kits were actually used in the making of Thunderbirds.

Ford plactic kit


Ford thunderbird kit

Hard top

Woman Driver's CarEdit

Car 2

This is the car the lady was driving when she crashed in the underground car park of the Thompson Tower, causing a disastrous fire.

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