Located in Paris - France, is François Lemaire's apartment.

Lemaire has developed an incredible new fibre, Penelon, named after Lady Penelope, who he invites to his apartment in Paris, to view his new fashion collection.

Bugs in the Flowers, Peeping Thomases at the Window, Pens that Send MessagesEdit

As soon as Lady Penelope received a telegram from François, she gets Parker to make reservations on the first available flight for Paris.

On arrival at his apartment, François asks Lady Penelope a favour, he wants her to model his new fashion collection at the premiere. Lady Penelope is always ready to help in good causes and asks "what wonderful surprises have you got in store for us this season ?" François assures her his creation will go down in history and the show will be a sensation.

As François starts to tell Lady Penelope about his secret material, she notices his apartment is bugged, with a device hidden in the flower arrangement. Looking through his telescope she also notices his apartment is also being watched from across the street, by a long-range television camera. After closing the curtains she tells François to continue with his secret, worried, he decides to write in down instead.

Impressor Pen and Sugar LumpsEdit

As he starts to put pen to paper, Lady Penelope notices something quit not right with the pen and takes a closer look, just as she suspected a Impressor Pen.

Madeline is asked to bring in the tea, as this has all been too much for poor old Lemaire, and even the sugar lumps are bugged!.

Lady Penelope is finally shown the outfits made from his secret fibre, Penelon and thinks of a safe place to hold the show. She tells François she knows just the place but needs to contact a friend first.

A Favour is AskedEdit

Lady Penelope contacts Mr. Hackenbacker (Brains) who is in a meeting with Captain Saville and Commander Norman. She asks him a favour, she wants to hold the fashion show aboard the Skythrust on its maiden flight.