You may be looking for his 1965 namesake.
"Francois Lemaire here, to all you watching at home you are about to witness history in the making!"

Francois Lemaire is a character from Comet Chasers, Lost Kingdom and High Strung. He is a rich explorer who was the first to visit Halley's Comet up close and ended up crashing into its tail with his wife Madeline where he subsequently required the intervention of International Rescue. Not only that, he seems to have an existing track record for being rescued out of rather dangerous situations prior to his episode introduction, being rescued from Mount Everest, the Mariana Trench (which he remembers Scott from) and some farm in Kent where he now has nightmares about ducks.

Sometime after, Francois and Madeline discovered Atlantis, but were ordered to leave by Lady Penelope Creighton-Ward, with the support of the Global Defence Force. Francois reversed his sub - the Jules Verne - into a trident, and then a sea-quake toppled the statue it was attached to. International Rescue were once more called out to assist him, and after he was freed made an exit through Atlantis. Another sea-quake struck and they got stuck inside a temple with Thunderbird 4 and FAB 1. They eventually got out by flooding the air-filled temple and escaping through the roof.

Later on, Francois was involved in an accident which left him bandaged from head to toe. To prevent the public from worrying, he sent out a balloon registered to his company with Brandon Berrenger onboard. The balloon lost its ability to gain altitude and began a slow crash into a New Zealand mountain range. The balloon was destroyed, but instead of losing his job, Francois promoted Brandon.

Francois was voiced by Jack Whitehall.