Founded in 1985, Fuzzbox (aka We've Got A Fuzzbox And We're Gonna Use It!!) was an alternate rock band from Birmingham, England. The band was comprised of four young women; Vix, Magz, Jo, and Tina. 

In 1989, their second studio album (entitled Big Bang!) featured a parody track called International Rescue. Co-Written by Liam Sternberg and produced by Andy Richards, the song proved to be the album's highest hit, reaching numbers 11 and 14 on both UK and Irish music charts respectively.

A music video was created to accompany the hit single. While the song itself focuses on International Rescue (right down to a recreation of Jeff Tracy's countdown), the video features visual references to Barbarella, Herge's The Adventures Of Tintin, and even backdrop footage from other Anderson-produced series, Space: 1999.

Music VideoEdit

Fuzzbox - International Rescue (Official Music Video)03:45

Fuzzbox - International Rescue (Official Music Video)

Fuzzbox - International Rescue (Official Music Video)


There's danger on the way

But you won't need to pray

There's just another life to save

A daring crime so bold

To steal a nation's gold

The force is launched to catch them cold



Thunderbirds are go!

Calling, International Rescue

Calling, International Rescue

Calling, International Rescue...

They're off the beaten track

Preparing for attack

Blinding flashes, don't look back...

The clock is ticking down

Save them, save them, 'fore they drown

(Repeat Chorus)

F.A.B. you're coming through

They need your help, no one else can do

Taken, gagged and tied

Who's captured them and why?

Send a message through the sky

(Help, help, can anybody hear me?)

(Repeat Chorus)

Calling, International Rescue

Calling, International Rescue

Calling, International Rescue...


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