"Uh, guys? There's something I forgot to tell you..."

The infamous George Graceless has lived an illustrious life. From humble beginnings, he slowly worked his way up to become one of Thunderworld's most endeared camp counselors politicians. Yet of all the achievements he's made over the years, Graceless will undoubtedly be remembered for joining a unique duo of men in the scientific experiment of a lifetime; to collect matter from the very Sun itself, and pull off the whole operation with absolutely no training or practice whatsoever. Should he survive the trip, this remarkable achievement would be chronicled in a book and stand among the others on the shelf of his very own library. He cannot tell a lie. Or at least not a very convincing one.




Graceless was the first of three lucky men to win the much-hyped Fly Me To The Sun! sweepstakes through unspecified means. When asked to give a brief biography for the news, he spun an intricate story about how he once worked as a camp councillor and never got airsick. He later made the critical error of admitting this deception live on television. Fellow winner Cyric Mazard promptly called him a fool.

The lengthy flight to and from the Sun proved arduous for Graceless, and with each passing minute, his web of lies became entangled. Eventually he came clean on his supposed strong stomach; lying about never getting airsick, and shifting the blame on rocket fuel for a sudden overpowering smell.

As the Sun Probe hurtled towards its target, the cabin began overheating. Cyric compared the situation to a pig, while Graceless added that some of his best friends were pigs. The compulsive liar was taken aback when the others began transforming into pigs right before his eyes. He immediately dismissed the event, reassuring himself it was all caused by the heat.

Ultimately Thunderbird 3, with a little help from the Hack Masters, managed to activate the craft's rockets and save the trio from a firey fate. Whether Graceless wrote about the experience in a new novel, let alone maintain the accuracy of events, was never confirmed.


Graceless made his first (and last) appearance in Sun Probe, the seventh episode of Turbocharged Thunderbirds.


  • Graceless is a parody of former US President Richard Nixon, right down to the voice, mannerisms, and political backstory.
  • The character was initially intended to be based on Canadian entrepreneur Kevin O'Leary. Due to the change being made partway through production, he's still named O'Leary in the closing credits.
  • In the original Thunderbirds episode, Graceless was named 'Asher'. As a result, several close-up shots clearly show this name written on his spacesuit.

Foreign NameEdit

  • Japanese: George (ジョージ)