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Gerry Anderson


Date of Birth
April 14, 1929
Date of Death
December 26, 2012 (Aged 83)
Birth Name
Gerald Alexander Abrahams

Heralded as a pioneer in the art of television production, Gerry Anderson (born April 14th 1929, died December 26th 2012) was an English writer, director, editor, and producer of memorable film and television programs for over five decades.

Anderson is arguably best known for his range of shows produced in the 1960's involving a ground-breaking technique dubbed "Supermarionation", where puppets are modified to mimic human movements and speech patterns.

He died on the 26th December, 2012, after a long battle with Alzheimer's disease.


  • Creator (Episodes 1-32)
  • Script Supervisor (Episodes 1-32)
  • Co-Writer with Sylvia Anderson (Episode 1)
  • Producer (Episodes 1-26)
  • Executive Producer (Episodes 27-32)

Thunderbirds Are GoEdit

  • Co-Writer with Sylvia Anderson
  • Executive Producer (Uncredited)

Thunderbird 6Edit

  • Co-Writer with Sylvia Anderson
  • Executive Producer (Uncredited)

Thunderbirds (Carlton DVD series)Edit

  • Remastering Consultant


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