In Attack of the Alligators!, man-eating alligators mutated into enormous monsters when a top secret new drug (Theramine), created to enlarge livestock, was accidentally spilled into the laboratory sink by Culp. From there, it got pumped out into the swamp, causing the mutation.

The mutant alligators then attacked and eventually destroyed Dr. Orchard's house.

With help from International Rescue and Thunderbird 2, three of them were sedated with tranquiliser guns. The fourth was killed by a missile, but not before it had devoured Culp whilst he was trying to make his getaway in a motorboat.


Behind the ScenesEdit

Two five-foot crocodiles were used in the filming of Attack of the Alligators! and they had to be pulled round on rope out of camera view. The heat from the studio lights made the reptiles very sluggish, so electric shocks were given to them to make them move faster.

A concerned crew member reported the unit to the RSPCA and a inspector was sent to the studio. He was taken to special effects stage by Gerry Anderson, and along the way he spotted the Lady Penelope and Parker puppets hanging up and realised he was at the studio where Thunderbirds was being made.

When they arrived at the special effects department the "alligators" were being given 12-volt electric shocks. To Anderson's surprise, the inspector recommended increasing the voltage!

For shots where the big alligator is smashing into the house with its tail, a special prop was made as the Alligators were unable to do the job.

Apparently a lot of the crocodiles died from pneumonia.