"I don't like it, Scobie. That gold's too heavy."
— Straker

"Give or Take a Million" is the sixth and final episode of Thunderbirds Season 2. It is also the last televised episode of Thunderbirds produced, being followed only by two feature films. The story was first broadcast on 25th December 1966.


When two bank robbers trip an alarm, they try to hide but are transported along with a consignment of hundreds of gifts to a children's hospital. The crooks are captured and one lucky child gets the Christmas of a lifetime at Tracy Island.


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  • True-date
    In arguably the best known continuity goof for the entire series, Tin-Tin tears off a page from a nearby calendar, revealing date as 2026. Not only does this contradict the established setting of 2065 (though to be fair, nobody ever specifies a year on the series itself beyond a few prop newspapers), but various calendars in the episode note that Christmas Day falls on a Sunday, whereas December 25th 2026 is to be a Friday.
    • With all that being said, December 25th 2067 will be a Sunday.

Foreign TitlesEdit

  • French: Joyeux noël
  • German: Der Weihnachts-Coup
  • Spanish: Millón más millón menos
  • Italian: Natale a sorpresa
  • Dutch: Geef of neem een miljoen (TV); Een miljoen meer of minder (VHS, DVD)
  • Japanese: すばらしいクリスマスプレゼント