Glen Carrick Castle

Glen Carrick Castle - an old baronial-style manor located somewhere in the Scottish Highlands - features in the episode 30 Minutes After Noon.

An "Inside" Job...Edit

A British secret agent, Southern, has infiltrated a meeting of the notorious criminal Erdman Gang, inside the castle - he's posing as one of three men hired to break into a plutonium storage facility. By radio, the leader of the gang (who is never seen) describes how they must disable the store's guard robots and plant explosives in the main storeroom, before escaping by helijet.


  • Glen Carrick Castle previously appeared as McGregor Castle, in the Stingray episode Loch Ness Monster and appears again as part of Glen Garry Castle, in the Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons episode The Trap.
  • The DVD subtitles call this place Glengarry Castle.