The control tower at Glenn Field

Glenn Field is the most advanced spaceport in the world.

Situated in Nevada, United States, it operates as a base for both manned and unmanned rocket launch facilities.

Glenn Field made an appearance in the feature film Thunderbirds Are Go, in which it served as home to the Zero-X craft.

The spaceport has at least one runway in addition to a control building and main control tower. From the latter facility, the Glenn Field Controller does his day-to-day work such as briefing people before they go into space, controlling lifting bodies to attach to Zero-X on the ground or by overhead rails before takeoff, monitoring air traffic control, sending out Air-Sea Rescue jets, and sending lifting bodies up for Zero-X on re-entry.


As far as is known, only one cross-section of Glenn Field exists. It featured in the 2017 Captain Scarlet Spectrum Agents Manual. Additionally, the spaceport’s control building and main control tower gets a cutaway drawing of its own in said book. Both cross-sections were illustrated by Graham Bleathman.

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