The Global Conflict of 2040 was a short lived, but deadly, world war that occurred 20 years prior to the events of Thunderbirds Are Go!. Not much is known about the war, except that the war created the World Council. A peace keeping organisation formed after the war. The war created a more peaceful and cooperative world, including the removal of all nuclear weapons in existence.

Relics from the war waiting to be discovered continue to exist, including functional weapons.


A relic from the war. This is a nuclear bomb that stayed in earths orbit.

Episodes Referencing the WarEdit

In Space Race, a stealth mine orbiting the Earth is picked up by Thunderbird 3 during a space junk cleaning. Alan Tracy tries to survive against it throughout the entire episode. Brains claims that the mine was left over from the war. The fact that stealth mines created for use outside the Earth's atmosphere during the war would mean that various battles throughout it happened in space.