This is a list of Appearances that The Global Defence Force has made.

Ring Of Fire Part 2Edit

The GDF, lead by Colonel Casey turn up as Kayo’s back up to try to arrest the Hood at his base in Australia, however they are forced to flee as the Hood make his grand escape in his new airship.


Colonel Casey offers Marian Van Arkle a position in the GDF, as she has come to them highly recommended by International Rescue.


The GDF come to arrest the Hood and the Luddites as they free them from the vault, however the Hood had already made his escape without what he worked so hard to obtain.

Under PressureEdit

At the end of the episode, Virgil had found a desk job in the GDF for Ned Tedford, although what Ned defines as a safe desk job might not be the same as what the GDF may have in mind.

Heist SocietyEdit

Lady Penelope and Professor Moffat are taking the newly discovered energy source Centurium 21 to a secure GDF facility in Iceland when the train gets hijacked.

The HexpertEdit

The GDF are pursuing FAB 1 in order to ask Parker to perform an elaborate vault break to save the life of a scientist. When Parker tells them he can’t do the job without his lucky kit, the GDF fly to the Creighton-Ward manor to grab his gear, only to be chased out from the building by Sherbert.

Chain Of CommandEdit

After a GDF convoy run into trouble on a collapsing bridge and were rescued by International Rescue, a new Colonel makes Colonel Casey step down and grounds all International Rescue operations. After some investigating by Lady Penelope and Parker, they discover that Colonel Janus is a fake and arrest him before he and the GDF cut through the hull of Thunderbird 2 and arrest the Tracy brothers.


The GDF are performing a covert operation to try and buy back a repulsor magnet ray with and offer of gold-pressed Lidium with the help of Parker and Lady Penelope. When Ned Tedford enters the main operations control room with food for everyone he accidentally places one on a switch, sending the GDF into the abandoned hangar prematurely and ending the operation with the seller Banino stealing a GDF flyer and kidnapping Parker in his escape.


The GDF are called in to arrest the Hood after he tries to take over Tracy Island and control all the Thunderbirds. The Hood warns Colonel Casey that there are worse things than him to come.


When a big earthbreaking machine appears the GDF try to warn the operator that they are performing an illegal operation and fire missiles at the earthbreaker, only to have the Mechanic send a swarm of wasp bots to attack the flyer and send it crashing down to the ground. Meanwhile Colonel Casey takes Lady Penelope and Parker down to where the Hood is being held in Parkmoor Scrubs prison which is heavily guarded by the GDF to find out if he has any connection to this new foe.

Ghost ShipEdit

Captian O'Bannon of the GDF is doing a routine check on the derelict space ark EDEN when the systems suddenly all go online and she is shot out into space. With the help of International Rescue, she discovers that EDEN is being plundered by 'wannabe' space pirates who are after it's scrap metal to sell.

Up from the Depths Part 2Edit

The Mechanic steals a vault of Iridium right from under the GDF’s protection and Colonel Casey makes the call to International Rescue for aid as one of their workers, Ned Tedford is still inside the vault.


The GDF launch a new satellite/space station called Global One which is forced to be evacuated due to a meteor that has been sent on a trajectory towards earth. Capitan O'Bannon however doesn't evacuate the vessel, forcing John in Thunderbird 5 to attempt to help move Global one out of the way sparing it from impact.

Escape ProofEdit

John notifies Colonel Casey that something is on it’s way towards Parkmoor Scrubs prison and advises her to relocate the Hood, only for the GDF to discover that the Hood has locked himself in from the inside. They are forced to evacuate the prison as a large tunnelling machine swallows the Hood’s holding cell and makes it’s escape. When the Antlion surfaces, the GDF lead by Colonel Casey raid the machine, only to find both the Hood and the Mechanic have vanished and the the Antlion set to self destruct.

Power PlayEdit

The GDF arrive at the scene in three flyers. In amongst them is the Hood, disguised as Captain Foster.

Bolt From the BlueEdit

Two troops arrive at where the escape capsule landed to arrest Hayley Edmonds.

Rigged for DisasterEdit

A flyer hovers over Malloy's boat to have him arrested.

Brains vs. Brawn Edit

Two flyers arrive at the location where both The Hood and the Mechanic were arrested. The Hood manages to escape, as it appears the flyer he was in was hijacked by his henchmen.