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Global One
Type: Space Station
Affiliation: Global Defence Force
Main Operator: Captain Ridley O'Bannon
Appearances: Impact

Global One is a space station orbiting Earth, occupied by Captain Ridley O'Bannon and her crew. It is long and is at least partially run by solar power.

The colour theme is blue and white, and it is possible to manually activate the thrusters from the outside. While the weight is unknown, Thunderbird 5 is shown to be able to pull it along more effectively than its own thrusters.

It appears in Impact, when Langstrom Fischler's rocket changes a comet's trajectory to crash into it and Earth. Fortunately, John is able to use Thunderbird 5 to pull it out of the way in time, after Ridley refuses to abandon it, claiming she and her station were 'a package deal' and says "Save me, save my station".

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