Goldheimer is a character from Martian Invasion. He is a film director.

Goldheimer was voiced by the late Ray Barrett.


Bletcher's OfficeEdit

Goldheimer went to see Bletcher and Mr. Stutt to secure funding for his new film. Despite the fact that his previous four movies were all box office failures, Mr. Stutt agreed to give him a four million dollar advance, on the condition that he'd start shooting within a month.

On Location in the Nevada DesertEdit

The Stolen FilmEdit

Goldheimer takes a snap of Thunderbird 1 as Scott is about to leave, after a successful mission. Scott demurs, reminding him of IR's no-photographs rule. Goldheimer's fine with that - buts, he asks, what about the other film he'd already taken?

Alarmed at this, and realising that TB1's Automatic Camera Detector has been tampered with, Scott then asks Goldhemier to show him a playback of that film - and, sure enough, the entire rescue appears!

Film CrewEdit

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