Gordon's Hunt For Fireflash 4 is an event from Operation Crash-Dive.

Thunderbird 4 was dropped into the sea off the west coast of Ireland. Gordon Tracy didn't take long to find the stricken plane (that had settled on the bottom of the ocean floor), as the crew had turned on the aircraft's lights when they spotted the submarine in the distance.

Gordon is able to find the stricken plane and sends a message to the crew with the Light-Type, telling them he is going to cut the engines off the plane.

He uses Thunderbird 4's laser cutter to remove the engines, to allow the plane to float back to the surface.

When the aircraft returns to the surface, Gordon cuts through the glass windscreen with his Heavy duty glass cutter to free the crew.

The Fireflash goes into a crash-dive, but Scott has brought along a back-up radio system to keep in contact with Thunderbird 2 and 5. Gordon enters the airliner's starboard wing via a line from Thunderbird 2. There, he finds that the EPU wiring has been cut by a Saboteur, working for Benton Aircraft Espionage, who opens fire on him while attempting to escape. However, Gordon shoots him down and manually holds the EPU wiring in place, allowing the Fireflash to gain height and prevent another crash-landing into the sea.

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