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"Aw relax, will ya?"

Gordon Tracy is the fourth of Jeff Tracy's five sons. He is an aquanaut who pilots Thunderbird 4.

Gordon's signature colour on his I.R. uniform is orange.


Gordon Tracy

Gordon was named by his parents after Mercury 7 astronaut Leroy Gordon Cooper.

He is a highly trained aquanaut with experience from the Submarine Service and W.A.S.P (The World Aquanaut Security Patrol). During his time there, Gordon commanded a deep sea self-propelled submersible and spent a year beneath the ocean investigating marine farming methods.

Sadly, he became involved in a hydrofoil speedboat crash. The boat was travelling at over 400 knots. It resulted in him spending four months in hospital. After recovering, Gordon became International Rescue's top Aquanaut of TB4.

Personality & TraitsEdit

(Someone has swallowed a tiny edible transmitter and Jeff is busy finding out who it was)
Gordon Tracy: "Oh, but father! I'd know if I'd eaten a transmitter!"
Jeff Tracy: "Go to your room, Gordon. And let's have no more of this childishness!"

Gordon has a flippant sense of humour, which sometimes annoys his dad.

Despite this, Gordon is good-natured, high spirited, and possesses a strength and resilience that makes him a well respected member of the IR organisation. He often tends to impulsive acts, such as in Terror In New York City, when a dire emergency develops in that city requiring TB4 and the necessary vehicle to transport it and Gordon, TB2, is out of action for repairs. In that situation, Gordon seriously and vociferously proposes that he make the transoceanic trip to New York himself in TB4.  He is only dissuaded when his family protests that the idea is both dangerous and completely impractical, considering TB4 is a scout craft that has neither the speed nor range to make it to the city in time.

He is an expert oceanographer who has designed a unique underwater breathing apparatus that was later modified, improved and used by IR. He is also one of the world's fastest freestyle swimmers and a past Olympic Champion of the Butterfly Stroke.

The Thunderbirds Haynes Manual says Gordon also enjoys playing chess (often with Brains, as is seen more than once on the show), going fishing and playing the guitar.


Gordon writing with his left hand.

Gordon is seen writing with his left hand, but does other activities with his right hand. This may mean he is ambidextrous like Virgil.


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Gordon's wall portrait

As the aquanaut of TB4, he plays a vital part in the underwater rescue missions.



Gordon appears in every television episode except: Pit of Peril, City Of Fire, Brink Of Disaster, The Duchess Assignment, Path Of Destruction, and Lord Parker's 'Oliday (26 episodes).

In The Cham-Cham, Vault Of Death, and Move And You're Dead, he appears only in a non-speaking role (cameo).

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  • Gordon Tracy was named after Mercury 7 astronaut Leroy Gordon Cooper.

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