A collection of images showing the outfits of Gordon Tracy.


Underwater Breathing GearEdit

Type One (Poor Visibility)Edit

This type of equipment was used in operations where extra light is needed (which came from a torch fitted mask). Gordon used this equipment in Operation Crash-Dive while rescuing the crew of Fireflash 4.

Type Two (Scuba)Edit

This Type of Equipment was also used by Brains, Scott and Tin-Tin in Desperate Intruder.

Type Three (Scuba)Edit

A modified type of air tank for the diving gear was used in The Man From MI.5 when Gordon dived on the crooks' Mini-Sub to retrieve the stolen plans of the nuclear device.

Type Four (Scuba)Edit

Protective ClothingEdit

High Altitude GearEdit

Possibly borrowed suit (due to unknown badge on sleeve), used to get Gordon from Thunderbird 2, into the cargo hold of Fireflash 5, after it had been sabotaged by Benton Aircraft Espionage in Operation Crash-Dive.

Gordon wore a different (IR-issued) protective suit in Thunderbirds Are Go (film).

High Altitude Suit TriviaEdit

Casual WearEdit

White Polo NeckEdit

Dark Green TopEdit

This top was also worn in Vault Of Death.

Patterned TopEdit

Gordon also wore this top in Attack of the Alligators!, Alias Mr. Hackenbacker and Give or Take a Million.

Tartan WaistcoatEdit

Gray JacketEdit

One of Gordon's favourite outfits, also worn in The Impostors and The Man From MI.5.

This appears to be the same outfit he wears in his Operation Cover-up portrait.

Formal Dress WearEdit