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This is a list of missions and appearances that Gordon Tracy is in.

Ring of Fire Part 1Edit

When a sea quake causes an underwater research station to begin falling off a undersea cliff, Gordon has to rescue the research team. He becomes a little side tracked following a signal that could possibly belong to their father, however it turns out to be a device that has been causing the quake.

Ring of Fire Part 2Edit

Gordon and his brothers reveal Thunderbird Shadow to Kayo. When Grandma offers them all dinner, he accepts Virgil's offer of hiding in Thunderbird 2, commenting "Thunderbirds are gone!".

Space RaceEdit

Although there were no appearances, Gordon handled a high-rise rescue with Scott.


After Kayo tells Scott that when the plane lands without landing gear causing the leaking fuel to ignite, Virgil, Gordon and Alan arrive on Thunderbird 2. Alan and Gordon convert the two pods into Elevator Cars. When Fireflash lands on the cars, Gordon worries that the plane is too heavy and it might crush them. Kayo takes off again and the exhaust from the plane’s engines causes the Elevator Cars to crash.


Gordon is dispatched with Virgil after International Rescue realises it has a backlog of rescues, thanks to rogue AI hacking their systems.

Tunnels of TimeEdit

After saving some trapped miners and discovering an ancient temple, Gordon arrives again later at the temple of Sapa Capanqui after Parker sends the boys a call hoping that 'one of the others' would turn up so he doesn't have to enter the temple. They become trapped in the temple after Professor Harold triggers a trap that forces them to explore the rest of the temple in order to escape.


The weather station CIR.R.U.S is climbing at a dangerous altitude high above a large storm in which the boys have to try and retrieve it and bring it down to earth. When Gordon is trying to make repairs to the station via the hover pod, Thunderbird 2 gets electrically fried for coming into contact with the station, forcing Gordon to redock and take control of Thunderbird 2 from the Pod hangar.

Under PressureEdit

The Heavy Metal Extraction Platform on the sea floor starts to malfunction and becomes out of control of the unfortunate driver Ned Tedford, and Gordon has to separate the driver's cabin from the toxic cargo and then stop the waste from going over the edge of an underwater cliff into deeper waters.

Heavy MetalEdit

Gordon in Thunderbird 4 is taken to the Hadron Collider in Switzerland, where he is needed to shut down the out of control collider. The collider is causing a gravity well, as as Thunderbird 4 is designed for use at great pressure it's the only Thunderbird up for the job.

Falling SkiesEdit

After being retrieved by Thunderbird 2 after a week long under sea mission, Gordon has to assist with the high altitude drop off from Thunderbird 3.


Gordon lies about some maintenance he has to preform on Thunderbird 4, so Virgil doesn't get suspicious about the brothers planning a surprise birthday party for him.

Heist SocietyEdit

With Thunderbird 4, Gordon helps rescue the trapped undersea train that The Hood has left stranded under the sea as he tries to escape with the Centurium 21. after the Train is secure, he goes after Lady Penelope in FAB 1 and stops The Hood from attacking the car and wraps it in one of Thunderbird 1's cables so Scott can attempt to drag it to the surface.


After back to back rescues, Gordon and Alan are left to sit out this mission to rest and recover.


An illegal gas extraction platform is discovered by Robert Williams and his son Aiden. They become trapped in the cabin under the platform and Gordon must find a way to get to them from a series of underwater tunnels before the platform falls through the ground and crushes them.

Chain of CommandEdit

After rescuing the GDF from a serious bridge disaster, a high up official from the GDF imposes restrictions on International rescue, which prevents the brothers from preforming rescues. When Thunderbird 2 is forceably grounded with them all inside, they all make the decision that while they have to respect authority, if it prevents them from saving lives then they will risk being labeled as outlaws to be able to preform their duty.


As Kayo is trying to tell the brother's something important about herself and her family, the boys all get call outs to rescues at various locations around the world. upon arrival, Gordon instead finds a bomb ready to detonate. When the bomb is deactivated, he returns to Thunderbird 4 only to have the craft under the control of the Hood. After the control is reset and given back to the Tracys, Gordon rushes to Tracy Island along with his brothers.


Gordon is seen having a pillow fight with Alan, while his older (and more mature) brothers deal with trapped miners and a dangerous new villain.

Deep SearchEdit

On Jupiter's moon Europa Gordon's favourite explorers, Buddy and Ellie Pendergast, are searching for extra-terrestrial life. When they start drilling into the ice pressure from geysers cause the ice to crack and they fall into an underground ocean below a ten mile thick layer of ice. Alan, in command, and Gordon blast off to the rescue in Thunderbird 3, with Thunderbird 4 stored abroad and modified with skis, powerful engines and a heat drill to penetrate the ice, which they loses due to strong underwater currents. They find the Pendergasts, who have taken shelter in their rover, but before they leave they detect a life form in the sea. As their escape ice hole freezes over trapping them Alan begins to regret his decision.

City Under the SeaEdit

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Up from the Depths Part 1Edit

A survey ship stalls at the bottom of the Mariana Trench, just discovers the TV-21 an International Rescue prototype vehicle once flown by Jeff Tracy. Gordon takes Thunderbird 4 down to save the crew. However, the mechanic takes over the survey ship and destroyed Thunderbird 4 but Gordon bought back and manage to save the crew by using his father's ship.

Up from the Depths Part 2Edit

After the damage that was caused by the Mechanic to Thunderbird 4, Gordon and Virgil assist Brains in rebuilding the damaged Thunderbird.

Lost KingdomEdit

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Weather or NotEdit

When Langstrom Fischler shows off some new weather drones for a group of investors on a control tower, they start malfunctioning and begin to zap anyone and anything in their path. International Rescue arrive and with the help of Brains, Penelope, Parker and Kayo they find a way to make the drones self-destruct before disaster endures - with Fischler failing to impress his investors.

Fight or FlightEdit

Alan and Gordon spend the episode doing a supply run and return to the Island with an old crane machine they find at a second hand store.

Escape ProofEdit

A tunnelling vehicle belonging to the Mechanic leaves a plumber trapped in its wake and it is up to Virgil and Gordon to get him out. Lady Penelope and Parker track down the Mechanic's vehicle and discover that he's heading straight for Parkmoor Scrubs prison, where the Hood is being held.


Gordon is busy finishing up a rescue in Thunderbird 4 and talking to Brains via the Holotable.

Power PlayEdit

Gordon gets tossed out of Thunderbird 2's pod bay mid flight in Thunderbird 4. He is in one side of the dam and is left to patch it up until a ray mecha from The Mechanic electrifies his craft and he has to fend it off before he can continue repairs. The hole ends up getting bigger and He and Thunderbird four get flushed out the otherside of the dam and wind up in a heap down stream with Virgil and Alan in the Gecko and Bulldozer pods. Eventually he is able to help repair the dam wall from the water side, but not without getting Thunderbird 4 covered in the cremate.

Bolt From the Blue Edit

Gordon co-pilots Thunderbird 2 in the episode. When Virgil was busy performing a rescue on a falling plane, Gordon piloted Thunderbird 2.

Attack of the Reptiles Edit

Gordon must rescue Buddy and Ellie when they get lost and trapped in the forest. They escape in a hover boat, with the giant lizards chasing them there. When the hover boat launches off the cliff, it's up to Scott to save them with a net.

The Man from TB5 Edit

Gordon appears at the start of the episode when Lady Penelope comes in on a video call. Finding out that John is her date for the charity event, he seems jealous. John later tells him to take watch aboard Thunderbird 5 with Alan. As John was back from the charity event, he and Alan later returns to Tracy Island.

Home on the Range Edit

Gordon tests Brain's new invention along side his brothers and Kayo. When Kayo, Lady Penelope and Parker stumble upon a trapped Kat Cavanaugh, he assists with the rescue using a hover jet. He later appears fighting over a chair with Alan.

Long Haul Edit

Gordon helps with the space launch of Thunderbird 2.

Hyperspeed Edit

Gordon appears when Thunderbird 4 is needed to perform the rescue. He is launched into the Hypertube backwards, so the rescue victims can use the rear door to jump in. When the Hypertube is cut, Thunderbird 4 flies out, with Thunderbird 2 ready to play catch.

Brains vs. Brawn Edit

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Chaos Part 1Edit

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Chaos Part 2Edit

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Path of DestructionEdit

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