Graham Bleatham

Graham Bleathman

Graham Bleathman (born September 14th, 1959) is an artist.

Over the years, he has produced a plethora of cutaways of entities that featured in Thunderbirds, as well as a number of other Gerry Anderson productions. These include the five Thunderbird craft, the pod vehicles, Tracy Island, and numerous other vehicles and buildings that appear throughout the series.

Bleathman's cross-sections have appeared in a number of books and comics, such as the Haynes Thunderbirds manual, World of Thunderbirds, Thunderbirds: The Comic, and Redan's Thunderbirds comic. More recently he worked as an illustrator on the 2017 Captain Scarlet Spectrum Agents' Manual.

Additionally Bleathman received a credit under "Photographic material courtesy of" on 21st Century Visions.

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