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For the character from the 2015 Remake, see Grandma Tracy

Grandma Tracy is the mother of Jeff Tracy.


She appears in 17 episodes: Terror In New York City, Day Of Disaster, Desperate Intruder, End Of The Road, The Uninvited, Operation Crash-Dive, Vault Of Death, The Mighty Atom, The Man From MI.5, Cry Wolf, Move And You're Dead, The Duchess Assignment, Attack of the Alligators!, The Cham-Cham, Lord Parker's 'Oliday, Ricochet, and Give Or Take A Million.

Grandma also appears in the movie Thunderbird 6, although only in a non-speaking role.


Move and You're DeadEdit

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End of the RoadEdit

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  • Unlike many other recurring characters, a lot of her personal life is unknown. She was born in the late 1980s, and her grandmother once told her about the old subway systems that existed across the world before Monotrains were invented. (The Complete Book of Thunderbirds, Vault Of Death)
  • It's rumoured Grandma's first name is Cecilia.
  • The Grandma puppet was provided with a "normal", "smiler", "frowner" and "blinker" head.

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