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"When there's time to lean, there's time to clean!"

Sally "Grandma" Tracy is Jeff Tracy's mother, and the grandmother of his five sons.

She appears in Thunderbirds Are Go!.

Personality and TraitsEdit

As the caregiver who practically brought up the current Tracy household after her son went missing, she might seem rather harmless, at first look - but in fact, she's a vital member of International Rescue, and is very supportive of the team. While Grandma shows love and compassion towards all her grandsons, as well as Kayo (who sees her as a grandmother-figure), she has an especially-strong bond with Virgil. Even giving him a compass over her other grandchildren.

While it is easy to pass her off as just another housewife type of character, she is in fact, a very capable and valuable member of International Rescue, with adequate training to handle rescue missions. Examples of such are her being seen taking over monitor duty when Thunderbird 5 went offline, accompanying and calming Virgil down on a rescue mission where his gear turned useless as a result of a EMP charge, and directing Scott on how to regain control of Thunderbird 1 when the craft spiralled out of control. Although in Grandma Tourismo she needs help from John to secure Thunderbird 2 with the grapples she is able to fly Thunderbird 2 with ease to rescue Virgil and the trapped crew. She might not be as technically adept or specialised as any of the members of International Rescue and may entirely be incapable of handling any of the Thunderbird's, her calm demeanour that comes with her age and experience nonetheless reinforces her practical value to the team, along with her technical know-how.

Outside of missions, she is known for her love of cooking, despite being terrible at it and never seem to improve despite her numerous attempts (and failures) at getting better at the art. While she acts oblivious of the fact and frequently has the Tracy brothers be her guinea pigs at tasting, she is actually well aware of her shortcomings at the art. Her terrible hobby as well as her tendency to make her grandchildren her victims seem to have faded considerably, if not entirely, in season 2.


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Grandma plays a minor role in most of the episodes she's in; but on one occasion, she's a great help to her grandson Virgil...


Virgil and Grandma are meeting up with Lady Penelope in London, when a EMF generator cuts the power out to the entire city and anything over it (including Thunderbird 2). With Grandma's help, they both track down the source of the power disruption and put a stop to it.

Grandma Tourismo Edit

Grandma Tracy and Virgil are resupplying Tracy Island when two emergency calls come in, a crew of three trapped under a rock slide and a shop merchant all of whom are stuck in a category 13 sand storm. As Virgil cannot be in two places at once Grandma Tracy rescues the shop merchant, and then has to rescue Virgil and the workers.



  • Her first name, Sally, is mentioned in Grandma Tourismo, when she tells Kate to call her by her name.To whom she also admits that she makes bad cookies.
  • Also in Grandma Tourismo, it's revealed that Grandma used to be a pilot before she met her husband, and taught her son, Jeff, to fly a single-engine aircraft.
  • She's a terrible cook. In Legacy, she acknowledged as much to Brains - but on the condition it remained between them!
  • In Unplugged, she also mentioned Grandpa Tracy, her late husband, and gave Virgil his compass.
  • Grandma was one of two people who knew, from the beginning, of Kayo's relationship with The Hood (Jeff was the other). Whether Jeff told her himself, or she was present when the fact was revealed to him, is not known.

Foreign NamesEdit

  • Japanese: おばあちゃん (Obāchan)
  • Chinese: 崔西奶奶 (Cuīxī nǎinai)