The taste of tomorrow, today!

The most bodacious, bold, and daring-do drink for a generation of go-getters, Grunge Cola provides that hit of grungy goodness anywhere and anytime; Whether it be from the land, to the sea, and even the depths of space. Yes, times may be tough on Thunderworld, and full of perilous dangers, but does Grunge Cola dare to back down and hide? No, they don't need rescuing at all, but there are those out there who do. And only that sweet taste can get them through the day.

Grunge Cola cares for its valued customers, and eagerly reminds them to spend their lives getting out there and being themselves... and joining the crowd.

Turbocharged ThunderbirdsEdit

Always ready to assist a needy cause, Grunge Cola teamed up with Fatty's Fashions to fund and heavily promote the KLA satellite launch, sending that far-out space cat Rick O'Shea (with assistant Loman) into Thunderworld's orbit. No doubt a risky cause to help (with the radio station being entirely illegal), but when there were so many kids out there waiting for a fine fix of musical goodness, only they could help to bring joy to both the lives and ears of the nations.

Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond their control, the KLA satellite was knocked out of orbit, and sent spiraling down to the planet below. If it weren't for International Rescue and their brave efforts, no doubt both men on board would have suffered a fiery final fate.

Even with one setback (and no doubt a heavy financial loss), Grunge Cola were still willing to open their generous hearts (and wallets) and assist the funding of another rocket launch. This time around, it would be the entirely fool-proof and one hundred percent safe Fly Me To The Sun! sweepstakes. With a trio of eager-beavers in a fully automated flight to collect a piece of the sun itself, nothing could have possibly gone wrong.

Once again, the program underwent a terrible dilemma, with the automated retrorockets failing. Thankfully for the second time, International Rescue flew into the scene, and with a little help by those cool-cats called the Hack Masters, the Sun Probe (and Thunderbird 3) were saved from a severe sizzling.

Grunge Cola chose not to publicly address either matters.


  • When Bobby Lukowski asks for a cold one, he could very well be needing a cool refreshing glass of Grunge Cola straight from the fridge.
  • It's clear that Grunge Cola is essentially a parody of various brands of soft drink, in particular their high levels of sugar and acidic content that can lead to, among other things, tooth decay.
  • The company's slogan is an intentional paradox, with the declaration that consumers should be themselves, yet join the crowd of others, thus losing their individuality.

Foreign NamesEdit

  • Japanese: Claim Over Grunge (グランジの主張ー)

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