Equipment & Vehicles
HM Prison Lorry
Type: Cleansing department lorry
Affiliation: Parkmoor Scrubs
Appearances: Vault Of Death

The HM Prison Lorry belongs to Parkmoor Scrubs's cleansing department. Light-Fingered Fred made his escape from the prison inside a bin, which was then transported inside this lorry.

It appeared in Vault Of Death.



  • The Prison Lorry also appears in Atlantic Inferno, and in the subsequent series Captain Scarlet & The Mysterons.
Alcatra League 1

Alcatra League I

  • The same model appeared in the 1966 Thunderbirds Summer Special as the Alcatra League I, with the following description:
    "The Alcatra League 1 is the first prison vehicle of its kind to be designed since 2045. Supplied to prisons both on Earth and the prison planets of Solart and Alcatra,. the League 1 is used in preventing the escape of convicts. As soon as the alarm is sounded, signalling a breakout, the League 1 goes into operation scanning the district. It cordons off vast areas by producing a force field enclosing the area. By the use of video radar anyone inside the force field can be instantly detected."

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