Various hand guns were used throughout the Thunderbirds episodes. This is a list of the types used.

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Guns of International RescueEdit

International Rescue's Standard Issue Hand GunEdit

Probably the most well known hand gun, is the one used by the Tracy Brothers, worn in an holster with their uniforms. While only used with the red cartridge fitted, the other two yellow and blue cartridges are seen on the Tracy brother's belts. Red is live ammunition, and the others stun gas and needle darts.

Gordon Tracy's Hand GunEdit

Weapon used by Gordon in the gun battle with the Saboteur in Operation Crash-Dive, and in the gun battle with Doctor Godber in The Perils of Penelope.

Tracy Island Shooting RangeEdit

On Tracy Island, in the shooting range several types of hand guns can be seen, including revolvers, repeating rifles, Flintlock pistols, and the WASP standard issue handgun (from Stingray), in a display case hanging on the wall.

Parker's Hand GunsEdit

Parker is seen holding a pistol after he had chased after Doctor Godber in The Perils of Penelope.

In The Duchess Assignment, Parker uses a different gun, to the one he had in the earlier episode The Perils of Penelope.

Lady Penelope realizes that the tables of the French Casino are fixed and causes a scene, Parker goes after the Casino Owner but after a gun fight in the Casino Owner's office, the Owner escapes.


Parker also owns a Thompson Submachine Gun which he uses to take out the tires of Malloy and Selsden's car

Lady Penelope's Hand GunEdit

In The Perils of Penelope she was seen onboard the Anderbad Express holding a revolver.

Lady Penelope also used her hand gun at the Old Mine in The Impostors.

IN Path Of Destruction, Lady Penelope uses a Tranquilizer Gun to put Jim Lucas back of sleep after he has given her the shutdown procedure for the Crablogger .

Other Characters Hand GunsEdit

Carl's GunEdit

In The Man From MI.5, Carl shoots Captain Blacker with a pistol.

Casino Owner's GunEdit

In The Duchess Assignment the Casino Owner fires a gun at Parker while making his escape with the The Duchess of Royston's money.

Crook's GunsEdit

In Brink of Disaster two crooks chase after Lady Penelope in a Ford Thunderbird car. She eludes the two villains in FAB 1, eventually blowing them off the road with the car's rear-mounted machine guns.

Dempsey's GunEdit

Outside the Plutonium Store, Dempsey uses his gun to shoot the lock off the store's gate.

Doctor Godber's GunEdit

Doctor Godber has a gun, concealed in a dish, which he uses to kidnap Lady Penelope and Sir Jeremy Hodge in The Perils of Penelope.

Erdman Gang Member's GunEdit

The Erdman gang member, who hitched a ride with Thomas Prescott, had a hand gun similar to the one used by the Saboteur from Benton Aircraft Espionage.

The Hood's PistolEdit

In The Mighty Atom a stray bullet from The Hood's pistol causes a fire which eventually results in the explosion of an Australian nuclear reactor. It is similar to a Luger P08.

The Hood's Grenade LauncherEdit

In Cry Wolf, the hood fires a grenade into the cave trapping Bob and Tony Williams inside.

The gun is of a similar design to the one used by Parker, Dempsey and on the set of filming of "The Martian Invasion".

Lindsey's Hand GunEdit

Scott enters the Lost Pyramid of Khamandides and hears voices that lead him to Wilson and Lindsey, but Lindsey has cracked and in the belief that Scott has come to steal their treasure, tries to shoot him. A gun battle ensures, ending only when Lindsey is stunned by two guards

Madeline's Hand GunEdit

Model and conspirator Madeline hijacks Skythrust in an attempt to steal Francois Lemaire's Penelon formula. She held a pistol to Captain Ashton's head.

Mason's Hand GunEdit

Madeline's co-conspirator, Mason also had a hand gun when hijacking the Skythrust aircraft.

Saboteur - Benton Aircraft EspionageEdit

The Saboteur's hand gun, that was used in a shoot-out with Gordon in Operation Crash-Dive.

Slim and Maguire's Hand GunsEdit

In the "B" movie Martian Invasion, actors Slim and Maguire have hand guns as part of their Police uniforms, and used (with little effect) when confronted by Martians.

Southern's GunEdit

In 30 Minutes After Noon, when Southern is caught by the robot, Dempsey takes his gun.

Victor Gomez and Johnny Gillespie's Hand GunsEdit

In Move And You're Dead, Victor Gomez and Johnny Gillespie, hijack Alan and Grandma at gun point.

Zombite Guard's PistolEdit

In The Uninvited, the Zombites use hand guns when they take Scott, Wilson and Lindsey prisoner.

Wilbur Dandridge's Hand GunEdit

In The Duchess Assignment, Wilbur Dandridge had a hand gun concealed in his cash tin. It was needed when Chandler tried to get the rent money for the Duchess painting.

Culp's Hand GunEdit

The Ambro River boatman, Culp, hold Scott, scientist Dr. Orchard and his staff hostage in the episode Attack of the Alligators!.