Harry Malloy was one of Warren Grafton's associates seen in Brink Of Disaster.


A Trip to Creighton-Ward MansionEdit

Malloy chauffeurs Warren Grafton to Lady Penelope's Mansion. Grafton is looking for investors for his Pacific-Atlantic Monorail company. While waiting outside Malloy cases the joint by taking photographs.

A Raid on the ManorEdit

Malloy and Selsden break into Creighton-Ward Manor and plunder Lady Penelope Creighton-Ward's floor safe. However, the security devices on the safe itself are still intact and alert Lady Penelope and Parker, who use machine guns to disable the crook's car. The villains steal FAB 1, but Lady Penelope locks the steering by remote control, leaving them going round in circles.

A Stretch in PrisonEdit

After being arrested in the grounds of Creighton-Ward Manor, Malloy and the rest of The Grafton Gang are sent to prison.


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