His chauffeur is a crook. Parker. - telegram to Lady Penelope Creighton-Ward
Harry Malloy is an "associate" of American businessman Warren Grafton, whose New York City-based company - the Pacific Atlantic Monorail Corporation - is really a "front" for the illegal activities of his criminal gang. Malloy and his fellow Grafton Gang member, Selsden, get "taken for a ride" - in more ways than one - in the episode Brink Of Disaster.


A Trip to Creighton-Ward MansionEdit

Malloy chauffeurs Warren Grafton to Lady Penelope's Mansion. While Grafton is taking tea inside with Her Ladyship, looking for investors for his Pacific-Atlantic Monorail company, Malloy "cases the joint" by taking photographs of the mansion's exterior.

The Break-In...Edit

Under cover of darkness, Malloy and Selsden return to the manor. With the alarms deactivated - by a hidden device planted earlier by Grafton - the two crooks easily get inside, and set about plundering the contents of Penelope's hidden floor-safe. However, the security devices on the safe itself are still intact, and alert Penelope and Parker - who use machine-guns to disable the crooks' getaway car, as they attempt to flee the scene with their ill-gotten goods. When they try to steal FAB 1 instead, Penelope locks the steering by remote control, trapping Malloy and Selsden inside - with the pink Rolls Royce going round and round in circles...

Do The Crime, Do The Time...Edit

After being arrested in the grounds of Creighton-Ward Manor, Malloy and Selsden - along with the rest of The Grafton Gang, including Grafton himself - are sent to prison.


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