Equipment & Vehicles
Type: Surveillance Craft
Affiliation: Atlantic Pacific Monorail
Crew: 1
Appearances: Brink of Disaster
Patrol 304, was a Helijet owned by Warren Grafton and was part of the Helijet fleet flying safety patrols for Pacific Atlantic Monorail Corporation.


Helijet CommunicationsEdit

Helijets have hand held microphones and a speaker above the pilot's head. Additionally, Joe carried a short range walkie-talkie in his jacket pocket, for use in emergencies after bailing out.

Patrol 304Edit

Piloted by Joe in the episode Brink Of Disaster it ran into bad weather and was hit by lighting. After Joe had bailed out the stricken Helijet it crashed and exploded into the Monorail track that crossed a valley and destroyed the automatic signals originally used to stop Monotrains.

Patrol 538Edit

Piloted by Stan ,who went to the rescue of Joe after his Helijet had crashed into the monorail bridge.

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