A Helijet is a multipurpose jet-powered VTOL (Vertical Take-Off and Landing) aircraft that is also known as the "Jumping Jack". Helijets have been used by both Government and Civilian organizations. Throughout the series, several different variants of the Helijet have appeared.

US Army Helijet This variant of Helijet was employed by the US Army. It appeared in Pit of Peril. On board were the pilot Charlie, and Lieutenant Mead and Sergeant Reynolds

The Helijet was used to lower Mead then Reynolds into the pit in attempts to hook a line to the Sidewinder, in the hope it could be pulled out of the pit by helicopter. The attempts failed, leaving both men badly burned.

43 helijet

The Winch SystemEdit

The Helijet has the ability to drop a line underneath the craft by a winch system. This was used to good affect in Pit of Peril, to lower men into the pit, to find the Sidewinder.

Cross-section (Cutaway Drawing)Edit

As far as is known, only one cutaway drawing of the Helijet exist, illustrated by Graham Bleathman. It appeared in Redan Thunderbirds Comics, and was based on the US Army version.

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Helijet (Cutaway)