Brains is visiting Lady Penelope in England and both witness the disaster at Allington Suspension Bridge taking place on television.

Help From A MadmanEdit

Lady Penelope and Brains rush to the Allington Suspension Bridge in FAB 1, but the approach road is blocked by sightseers. Brains makes his way to the bridge on foot, while Lady Penelope and Parker arrange a diversion by blowing up the disused Allington Research Centre nearby, drawing the crowd's attention away from the bridge so as not to hamper the rescue operation.

Brains arrives at the bridge control centre, where the Bridge Controller refuses to acknowledge the need for more sophisticated rescue equipment. Instead, he has brought in antiquated floating dock cranes to clear the debris from the M.S.P but the attempt fails and the two cranes capsize.

Brains contacts John in Thunderbird 5 on his Personal Intercall wrist communicator, directing the International Rescue operation himself.

The Bridge Controller turns Brains over to psychiatrist Dr. Korda believing him to be insane after seeing him talking into his watch.

Penelope To The RescueEdit

Lady Penelope rescues Brains from the clutches of the psychiatrist, who then witnesses Penelope talking into her powder compact!

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