"Makes downright good TV if you ask me, huh guys?"
— The Host at his best.

If there is one thing the citizens of Thunderworld love, it's live broadcasts of events. And the only way to gain the most from these monumental moments is to have the right person present them. Someone with flair, enthusiasm, and the ability to sneak in subliminal messages without a hitch to the unsuspecting public. Who can we call upon to make an ordinary broadcast into something extraordinary?

Why, The Host of course!


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Powers and abilitiesEdit

The Host may not have the best physical strength (or eyesight for that matter), but he is an incredibly smooth-talking professional. His ability to talk up even the most dull of presentations is unmatched, and can promote a product without even the slightest hint of subliminal placement, namely Grunge Cola.


The only appearance The Host made was on Sun Probe, the seventh episode of Turbocharged Thunderbirds.

Interesting InfoEdit

  • This isn't the first time The Host has appeared without being given a proper name. For in the original Thunderbirds episode, he was simply listed as 'TV Reporter', and was voiced by Matt Zimmerman.
  • Although both have similar character traits and presentation styles, he is probably not related to 'Mission Control', who reported the KLA Rocket launch in Ricochet.
  • He may be The Host, but whether or not he is the host that can boast the most roast is yet to be determined.

Foreign NameEdit

  • Japanese: Host (ホスト)