The Hubship is a giant steampunk aircraft/submarine hybrid vehicle In Thunderbirds Are Go!, owned by The Hood and occupied by himself and his Henchmen. With weapons like missiles, lots of interior and a durable build, The Hood travels across the globe within the Hubship, in order to commit his heinous crimes and make quick getaways afterward.


It first appears near the end of Ring of Fire Part 2, where The Hood and his men used it to escape from Kayo and Colonel Casey in Australia.

In Unplugged, he escaped in it again in London after stealing the Universal Grid Codex (or so he thought).

It was seen for the first time functioning as a submarine in Heist Society. This time, The Hood used it to blow up an underwater tunnel and steal Professor Moffat's Centurium 21. Luckily, FAB 1 and Thunderbird 4 damaged it before Thunderbird 1 hoisted it up to the surface, however The Hood fled in an escape pod before the sub was ripped apart.

In Touch and Go, a second Hubship was used for stealing a bulk-load of alsterene. Kayo boarded the ship using Thunderbird Shadow in a successful attempt to detach the alsterene from the ship so The Hood could never make use of it.

In Legacy, the second Hubship was damaged by the Space Elevator over Mateo Island, and then it was destroyed when Thunderbirds 1, 2 and 5 ripped it apart, preventing the Hood's escape after Kayo's tricks foiled his plan to obtain the Thunderbirds and Tracy Island, and leading to his capture by the G.D.F.

Features and AbilitiesEdit

The Hubship is built to serve as the Hood's mobile base of operations as well as his means of travel and escape. It is a massive and highly durable vehicle capable of travelling through high altitudes in the sky at tremendous speed or through the depths of the ocean. It is equipped with thrusters and propellers that contribute to its two travelling capabilities. It possesses a vast interior which presumably includes living accommodations and storage bays. It can be piloted manually or via remote control.

The Hubship comes equipped with a large array a diverse weapons and features including:

  • Missiles
  • Explosives
  • EMP emitters
  • Grappling steel cables
  • Magnetic cables
  • Communications jamming arrays
  • Transonic depth charges
  • Disruptor cannons: a manned turret that fires an electrical charge which knocks aircraft out of the sky, as seen in Touch And Go.
  • Escape pods and modules


  • Unlike other vehicles in the show, such as the Thunderbird machines, the Hubship is animated in the form of a model.
  • It is presumable that The Mechanic built the Hubship, after the Hood and Mechanic were discussing about Project Sentinel in Power Play and The Mechanic said "it would be me building it for you after all".