The Ice Cave is a location in both F.A.B. and its visual counterpart The Abominable Snowman. It is where The Hood captures and imprisons both Parker and Lady Penelope inside a mountain in the Himalayas and reveals his true identity. He also kidnapped local explorers to mine for Uranium for his own doing.

The Hood later self destructs the place by shooting at the control panel but Parker, Penelope and Scott quickly escape in the nick of time.

Secret EntranceEdit

The entrance to the cave was in a mountain near Mount Everest in The Himalayas in Tibet, Asia.

Giant Laser BeamEdit

The Hood had a giant laser hidden in the cave. He threatens to kill Lady Penelope with it, but Scott Tracy saves her in time after knocking out the Hood with a tranquilliser gun, and turns off the machine by shooting at it.

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