Thunderbirds In Outer Space

Alan Fennell
Tony Barwick


ITC Entertainment,
Channel 5


1981, 1986


95 Mins


Channel 5 VHS video.

In Outer Space (aka Thunderbirds In Outer Space) was a compilation film originally released by ITC Entertainment in 1981. It was the second in a series of three films comprised of two episodes each, spliced together into a single feature.


NOTE: The film is a compilation of the episodes Sun Probe and Ricochet. For an in-depth synopsis, please read their respective articles.

Deleted ScenesEdit

Sun ProbeEdit

  • The embarking of the solarnauts
  • All four scenes showing Brains playing chess with his robot Braman
  • The first television newsflash
  • Jeff saying "Get me Cape Kennedy"
  • Jeff and Kyrano discussing whether or not it is right to put Tin-Tin's life at risk


  • The entire opening sequence at Sentinel Base
  • Alan and Tin-Tin quarrelling in the kitchen, and TB3 returning to Tracy Island


Opening Credits:


Closing Credits:


  • Editing: Cinecontact Inc.
  • Editor: Gunter Glinka
  • Electronic Animation: Dolphin Production Inc.
  • Art Director: David Gregg

Copyright 1981, ITC Entertainment Inc. All rights reserved.


  • AngelInterceptorInOuterSpace

    Let's just take the Angel Interceptor from 'Captain Scarlet', throw it up in space and call it a spacecraft!

As the opening and end credits roll, several spacecraft from a variety of Anderson-produced series can be seen flying across the screen. These vehicles include (but are certainly not limited to):

    • Thunderbird 1
    • a TVR-17 from Captain Scarlet
    • an Angel Interceptor from Captain Scarlet
    • Eagle and Hawk Transporters from Space:1999
    • Fireball XL5 from the self-titled series
    • Thunderbird 3

TVR-17 satellite

  • When released on VHS in 1986, the cover featured fanart by Steve Kyte. He was neither consulted nor paid for the use of his work. As a result, Kyte went on to illustrate official covers for the remaining thirteen volumes.

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