Introducing Thunderbirds Century 21 Vinyl

The front and back of the record sleeve

"Introducing Thunderbirds" was the first in a series of three original records to feature Thunderbirds. Released in October 1965, the 7" vinyl consists of an exclusive 21- minute adventure, written by Alan Fennell - and starring Jeff Tracy, Lady Penelope, and Parker.


Having received a mysterious invitation, Lady Penelope and Parker head to an island, located in the Pacific Ocean. Upon arrival, they meet up with billionaire ex-astronaut Jeff Tracy, who requires their assistance with a special project that will change the world forever...

Introducing Thunderbirds Vinyl Disc

The Vinyl Disc.



  • This story is set shortly before the events of Trapped in the Sky, with International Rescue almost ready to begin operating.
  • In contrast to the television series, Jeff Tracy knows of - and even name-drops - The Hood. His brief description of the criminal would be used once more in Haynes' Agents' Technical Manual.
  • A Dutch version titled "Kennismaking met The Thunderbirds" was released on LP in the Netherlands. The B-side featured a Dutch version of The Abominable Snowman.
  • In 2015, as part of the Kickstarter-funded project Thunderbirds 1965 (marking the series' 50th anniversary), this audio story was turned into a video episode.
  • Thunderbird 1 is 90 feet long, instead of 115 feet.


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