Introducing Thunderbirds Century 21 Vinyl

The front and back of the record sleeve

"Introducing Thunderbirds" was the first in a series of three original records to feature Thunderbirds. Released in October 1965, the 7" vinyl consists of an exclusive 21 minute adventure written by Alan Fennell, starring Jeff Tracy, Lady Penelope, and Parker.


Having received a mysterious invitation, Lady Penelope and Parker head to an island located in the Pacific Ocean. Upon arrival, they meet up with billionaire ex-astronaut Jeff Tracy, who requires their assistance with a special project that will change the world forever...

Introducing Thunderbirds Vinyl Disc

The Vinyl Disc.



  • This story is set shortly before the events of Trapped in the Sky, with International Rescue almost ready to begin operating.
  • In complete contrast to the television series, Jeff Tracy both knows of, and even name drops, The Hood. His brief description of the criminal would be used once more in the Agents' Technical Manual.
  • A Dutch version titled "Kennismaking met The Thunderbirds" was released on LP in the Netherlands. The B-side featured a Dutch version of The Abominable Snowman.
  • The audio story was turned into an episode in 2015, as part of the Kickstarter-funded Thunderbirds 1965 project. See Introducing Thunderbirds.


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