Equipment & Vehicles
JT1 Condor
Type: Personal Aircraft
Top Speed: Mach 3
Main Operator: Jeff Tracy
Appearances: Atlantic Inferno

The JT1 Condor (known as the Condor XL6 in Supermarionation Cross-Sections and simply called Jeff Tracy's two man jet in Thunderbirds FAB Cross-Sections) is Jeff Tracy's supersonic, VTOL, and delta wing jet featured in Atlantic Inferno.

39 JT1

Technical DataEdit

  • Armaments: none
  • Endurance: 21 hours without refuelling
  • Height: 6.20 metres
  • Length: 22 metres
  • Power: Tracy Aerospace TB505 Turbojet, 3 vertical take off ramjets, tail-mounted ramjet
  • Personnel capacity: 4
  • Range: 4800 kilometres
  • Service ceiling: 20,000 metres
  • Top speed: in excess of Mach 3
  • Weight: 9,200 kilograms
  • Weight with fuel: 12,780 kg
  • Wingspan: 12.6 metres

Cross-sections (Cutaway Drawings)Edit

As far as is known, only two cutaway drawings of the JT1 Condor exist. Both were illustrated by Graham Bleathman. The first appeared in Redan Thunderbirds Comic, issue 56, and the second featured in the Haynes Thunderbirds manual.

Main article: History of the Cutaway Drawings (Classic Thunderbirds)
Jef Tracy's Jet
Condor cutaway


  • It is unknown exactly what JT1 stands for. Presumably Jeff Tracy, with the number one simply being added for effect?


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