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The JT1 Condor (known as the Condor XL6 in Supermarionation Cross-Sections and simply called Jeff Tracy's two man jet in Thunderbirds FAB Cross-Sections) is Jeff Tracy's supersonic, VTOL, and delta wing jet featured in Atlantic Inferno.

Technical DataEdit

Armaments: none
Endurance: 21 hours without refuelling
Height: 6.20 metres
Length: 22 metres
Power: Tracy Aerospace TB505 Turbojet, 3 vertical take off ramjets, tail-mounted ramjet
Personnel capacity: 4
Range: 4800 kilometres
Service ceiling: 20,000 metres
Top speed: in excess of Mach 3
Weight: 9,200 kilogrammes
Weight with fuel: 12,780 kg
Wingspan: 12.6 metres

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