The Jaws Of Life (referred to as the Power Suit) is Virgil Tracy's signature rescue device, seen in many episodes of Thunderbirds Are Go!. It is a robotic exoskeleton that covers the upper body, the spine and the legs. They greatly enhance the strength of the user, allowing them to effortlessly pick up heavy items that would normally weigh too much. They also aid in scaling various structures, and can also allow one to safely pick up items of extreme temperatures harmlessly.

The hands consist of a strong crab-like pincer claw on the right that can crush rock and metal, and a telescopic three fingered claw on the left for more precise and delicate grip. The device has a black and yellow colour scheme, resembling the pattern on typical barricade tape.

It is most likely that there are many Power Suits. Not only did Thunderbird 2 store one inside Module 2 and 3, but one could also be found stored within The Explorer.


Ring of Fire Part 2Edit

Virgil used the Power Suit when several workers were trapped within the Solar Collector Dish in Taipei. Virgil was able to tear down a metal door, and lift up a heavy pipe pinning down one of the engineers using the Power Suit. The workers were able to board the seats on Thunderbird 2's grabs, but with the ground crumbling beneath him, Virgil had to jump and cling on to the grabs using the pincer arm to be hoisted to safety.


The Power Suit was used after the Electromagnetic Frequency Device, which wiped out all the power in London, was disabled, thus restoring power to Thunderbird 2 and allowing the Module to be accessed. Virgil was given a choice, between saving a woman trapped inside a crane that was about to fall, or going after The Hood after he stole the Universal Grid Codex. Using the Power Suit, Virgil quickly chose the former.

Heavy MetalEdit

After a meteorite crashes to Earth in a very strange way, Virgil investigates the crash site with the Power Suit equipped. It becomes quite clear that it was actually a satellite that crashed as he clears his way through burning metal, a thankfully unmanned satellite belonging to the Global Defense Force.


Virgil must evacuate two scientists, Professor Goncharov and Doctor Peck, from deep within a crumbling glacier. Travelling down via the Explorer, Virgil has to get them out one at a time, hauling Professor Goncharov out first. When he returns to pick up Doctor Peck, he is unable to find him. He summons a Power Suit from The Explorer, and uses it to traverse the glacier and find the doctor.

Touch And GoEdit

Virgil must get Scott and Jane out of the plane which is about to fall over a ledge in the Arizona desert. He sports the Jaws of Life and carries a cable from Thunderbird 2 to attach to the plane. He fails, but Scott uses a grapple gun to save himself and Jane in time.

Escape ProofEdit

The Jaws are used to reinforce the tunnel left by the Mechanic's tunnelling machine for FAB 1 to travel through, and to rescue a plumber named Horse that became trapped when the floor collapsed under the building he was working in.


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