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Jeff appears in all 32 television episodes, as well as in all the movies. He also appears in all 3 Thunderbirds 1965 episodes.

Trapped in the SkyEdit

Jeff calls in the doctor, when he worried about Kyrano's health.


Pit of PerilEdit

Jeff gets a call from the U.S Army, when the Sidewinder falls into a pit.


City of FireEdit

A car crashes in the car park of Thompson Tower, causing a massive fire, Jeff sends the Mole and Firefly to rescue people trapped in the basement.


Sun ProbeEdit

Jeff conducts a two-way operation - with Alan, Tin-Tin and Scott aboard Thunderbird 3 and Virgil and Brains aboard Thunderbird 2 - to save the imperiled Sun Probe Rocket.


The UninvitedEdit

Scott causes a concern for Jeff when Thunderbird 1 is shot down in the Sahara desert.


The Mighty AtomEdit

Jeff has to send the boys to the desert to save a reactor from going critical.


Vault of DeathEdit

The bank of England needs Jeff's help when an employee gets locked inside the safe.


Operation Crash-DiveEdit

Fireflash runs into trouble, so Jeff sends Gordon to the rescue when the plane finishes up on the bottom of the Ocean.


Move - And You're DeadEdit

Jeff has to act fast when Grandma and Alan are trapped on a bridge with a bomb, that will explode if they try and move.


Martian InvasionEdit

The Hood tries to film International Rescue when Jeff sends the team to rescue two men trapped in a cave.


Brink Of DisasterEdit


Jeff, Brains and Tin-Tin take a ride on the Pacific Atlantic Monotrain with Warren Grafton. However, disaster strikes when a patrol helijet crashes in a storm onto a section of track, and the fully automated train has no way of stopping.

Main article: Jeff Tracy's Trip on a Monotrain

The Perils of PenelopeEdit

Lady Penelope need Jeff's help when she is kidnapped and put in front of a fast approaching Monotrain.


Terror in New York CityEdit

Jeff sends the boys to New York when the Empire State Building collapse when being moved, trapping a cameraman and crew underneath.


End of the RoadEdit

Eddie Housemen needs Jeff's help when he is left dangling off a cliff,in a truck full of explosives.


Day of DisasterEdit

A Martian Space Probe rocket falls into the river, Jeff sends Gordon to save the trapped crew.


Edge of ImpactEdit

A Red Arrow fighter jet crashes into a television relay tower. Jeff has to get his Thunderbird machines airborne without his guest being aware of the launch.


Desperate IntruderEdit

Brains is in trouble while on an expedition, the Hood has him buried in the sand. Jeff sends the team to his rescue.


30 Minutes After NoonEdit

A plutonium store is about to explode, so Jeff sends Scott and Virgil to retrieve the explosive bracelet before there is a major disaster.

30min 758

The ImpostersEdit

An old friend helps Jeff find the imposters, who are using the International Rescue name, for criminal activities.

TI 20

The Man From MI.5Edit

Jeff sends Lady Penelope to help find secret papers stolen from MI.5 agents.


By the pool

Cry WolfEdit

Boys playing "International Rescue" games, give Jeff a headache when the Hood shows up.


Jeff lines the boys up for inspection

Danger at Ocean DeepEdit

Jeff sends John on a rare mission when an Ocean Pioneer tanker runs into trouble.


Relaxing with a book

The Duchess AssignmentEdit


After Jeff has visited England The London Air Display, Lady Penelope takes him to an Art Gallery to view the Duchess's painting. She explains to Jeff that the Duchess has fell on hard times and short of cash. Jeff has an idea and visits Wilbur Dandridge, head of Gazelle Automations, at his incredible automated office in New York (America). Dandridge is crazy about gazelles and falls in love with the Braquasso picture. Jeff lets Lady Penelope know, Dandridge is interested in buying painting, and she arranges a meeting at Creighton-Ward Manor so they can talk about a sale.

The London Air DisplayEdit

Main article: The London Air Display

Gazelle AutomationsEdit

Main article: Gazelle Automations

Attack of the Alligators!Edit

Communications DownEdit

Jeff sends Alan off to Mateo Island to fix the faulty antenna.


Jeff and Grandma Tracy watch as Virgil lifts off in TB2

Giant Alligators! Edit

International Rescue gets a call from Hector McGill,after Brains had worked out a plain for the rescue of the people trapped inside the House on the Ambro River, Jeff sends the boys out to the danger zone.


Jeff gives the boys the details

The Cham-ChamEdit

Jeff sets Brains to work to crack the codes of a Cham-Cham Computer when transport planes keep getting attacked.


Security HazardEdit

While Scott, Virgil and Alan are fighting a fire in an English mine, Chip stows away in Thunderbird 2's Pod.

Main article: Unwelcome Guest

Atlantic InfernoEdit

Jeff is invited on a holiday by Lady Penelope, but he is reluctant to leave International Rescue in the hands of his children

Main article: Lady Penelope's Australian Ranch

Path of DestructionEdit

When the Crablogger goes on a path of Destruction, Jeff sends International Rescue into action, before the machine crashes into the San Martino Dam.


Alias Mr. HackenbackerEdit

Jeff was very relaxed through-out this episode. Most of the time it was down to Mr.Hackenbacker


Lord Parker's 'OlidayEdit

In Lord Parker's 'Oliday, a disaster in Monte Bianco, on the other side of the world, keeps Jeff up all night.


Jeff's relaxation is disturbed by Tin-Tin and her favourite Pirate TV station KLA.


Give or Take a MillionEdit

As "Christmas Control," Jeff arranges a special flight of Thunderbird 3 for International Rescue's young holiday guest, Nicky.

Jeff Christmas Control

Thunderbirds Are Go (Film) Edit

What just went *bump* in the night?

Jeff Late Night

At the Swinging Star nightclub - in disguise...

Jeff TAG Film

Thunderbird 6 (Film)Edit

Introducing ThunderbirdsEdit

Tracy Villa Balcony Introducing Thunderbirds

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