Jeff appears in all 32 television episodes.

Trapped in the SkyEdit

Jeff Tracy (Trapped in the Sky)

Operation Cover-up!

Jeff worries about Kyrano's health following an unexpected seizure, so he arranged for the doctor to be flown to Tracy Island to examine his friend. But he must also take care that his family's great secret remains so...

Pit of PerilEdit

Jeff (Pit of Peril)

When the Army's massive Sidewinder falls into a pit, unable to extricate itself, the Army calls in International Rescue - and Jeff is ready to dispatch help....

City of FireEdit

Jeff (City of Fire)

When a car crashes in the car park of Thompson Tower, a massive fire ensues. When the tower's controllers discover people are trapped in its vast basement, Jeff sends Thunderbird 2 - with the Mole and Firefly - to rescue them...

Sun ProbeEdit

Jeff (Sun Probe)

To save the imperiled Sun Probe rocket and its crew, Jeff conducts a two-pronged rescue operation - in space, with Alan, Tin-Tin Kyrano and Scott aboard Thunderbird 3; and on Earth, with Virgil and Brains aboard Thunderbird 2...

The UninvitedEdit

Jeff (Uninvited)

When contact with Scott is lost - following Thunderbird 1's being attacked and shot down over the Sahara - the head of International Rescue becomes a concerned father...anxious for news of his missing eldest son...

The Mighty AtomEdit

Jeff (Mighty Atom)

A gracious host...

To save a nuclear reactor from going critical, Jeff sends the boys - and a very special "guest" crew member - to the reactor's desert location...

Vault of DeathEdit

Jeff Tracy (Vault of Death)
Jeff Tracy(Vault Death)

When an employee of the Bank of England gets locked inside its vault, Jeff's help is needed - but it's another family member who comes up with a winning idea...

Operation Crash-DiveEdit

Jeff (Crash-dive)

Watching the latest Fireflash news...

Fireflash airliners are running into trouble - again - and when Fireflash 4 finishes up on the bottom of the ocean, Jeff sends Gordon to the rescue...

Move - And You're DeadEdit

Jeff (Move and you're Dead)

If you want to save them - move!

When Grandma and Alan are trapped on a bridge - with a bomb, that will explode if they try to move - Jeff must act quickly, to save his mother and youngest son...

Martian InvasionEdit

Jeff (Martian Invasion)

When Jeff sends Scott and Virgil to rescue two actors trapped in a cave on a movie set, no one realises it's all a trap planned by The Hood, to film them in action...

Brink Of DisasterEdit

Jeff Tracy (Brink of Disaster)

How to call the boys?

Jeff, Brains and Tin-Tin take a ride on the Pacific Atlantic Monotrain, so Jeff can hear businessman Warren Grafton's pitch for him to invest in the privately-financed scheme. Disaster strikes, though, when a patrol helijet crashes in a storm onto a section of track over a deep ravine - and the fully-automated train has no way of stopping...

Main article: Jeff Tracy's Trip on a Monotrain

The Perils of PenelopeEdit

Jeff (Perils of Penelope)

A Lady vanishes: when Lady Penelope and another IR field agent inexplicably disappear from the monotrain to Anderbad (both have been kidnapped!), Jeff dispatches Virgil and Gordon in Thunderbird 2, while Alan teams up with Parker and FAB 1...

Main article: A Lady in Peril

Terror in New York CityEdit

Jeff Tracy (Ned Cook show)

New York's famous Empire State Building has collapsed while being moved, trapping news reporter Ned Cook and his cameraman Joe in an underground cave...that's slowly filling with water. Only Thunderbird 4 can save the day - but with Thunderbird 2 incapacitated, Jeff must find another means of getting IR's yellow mini-sub to the danger zone, before time runs out...

End of the RoadEdit

Jeff (End of the Road)

"We don't turn down any call..."

Jeff faces a dilemma, when the impulsive Eddie Houseman's left dangling over a cliff, in a truck full of live explosives, in a driving rainstorm: Eddie knows the Tracys, but not their most important secret - they're really International Rescue!

Day of DisasterEdit

Jeff (Day of Disaster)

How can a Martian Space Probe rocket, of all things, fall into a river? When the storm-damaged Allington Suspension Bridge collapses beneath its transport convoy - and Jeff must send Gordon and Thunderbird 4 to the scene, to save the trapped crew...

Edge of ImpactEdit

Jeff (Edge of Impact)

When a Red Arrow fighter jet crashes into a television relay tower, in a driving rainstorm - stranding its two-man crew at its top - Jeff must get his Thunderbird machines airborne, to save them...but his Tracy Island houseguest, Colonel Tim Casey, has no idea that his old friend and host is secretly the leader of International Rescue (nor must he ever find out!)...

Desperate IntruderEdit

Jeff (Desperate Intruder)

Sand traps: when the Lake Anasta Expedition goes seriously awry, Jeff sends the team out to its desert location...and finding Brains buried up to his neck in the sand in the hot sun, is only the beginning of their troubles...

30 Minutes After NoonEdit

Jef (30 Min)
30min 758

Espionage is not within International Rescue's brief...but when an undercover British agent's mission goes very wrong, his superiors ask for IR's help to save him; and Jeff sends Scott and Virgil to get him out of a Plutonium Store booby-trapped to explode...

The ImpostorsEdit

Jeff (Impostors)
TI 20

With criminals posing as International Rescue (as a front to conceal their theft of important military plans), the real IR must suspend all rescue activities as a worldwide search for their hidden base is launched. Jeff calls upon IR's global network of field agents (including Lady Penelope and Parker) to help track down the impostors - and one of them, Agent 47 (who happens to be an old friend of Jeff's), comes up with an important find...

The Man From MI.5Edit

Jeff (Man from MI5)

Why would an operative with the British spy agency MI.5 call on International Rescue, to help him find stolen top-secret papers? That's not what IR usually does. Jeff decides to send Lady Penelope to investigate further...

Cry WolfEdit

Jeff (Cry Wolf)

Jeff lines the boys up for inspection

Boys playing "International Rescue" games give Jeff a headache when The Hood shows up.

Danger at Ocean DeepEdit

Jeff (Danger at Ocean Deep)

Relaxing poolside, with a book

A rare mission for John! When the imperiled tanker Ocean Pioneer II is unable to send a call for help, Jeff sends John, Virgil and Scott to find her and rescue her crew...before the ship's dangerous cargo explodes...

The Duchess AssignmentEdit

The London Air Display...Edit

Jeff Tracy (Air display)

Jolly good! Jeff travels to England, to attended the London Air Display with Lady Penelope...

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An Art Gallery Outing...Edit

Jeff (Art gallery)

As they visit an Art Gallery exhibition, Penelope shows Jeff a priceless Braquasso painting on display: Portrait of a Gazelle, owned by her friend Deborah, the Duchess of Royston - who, she explains, has recently fallen upon hard times...

Main article: Art Gallery

...and, A Trip to New YorkEdit

Jeff Tracy in New York

Jeff has an idea, and visits his friend Wilbur Dandridge, head of Gazelle Automations, at his incredibly- automated New York office. Dandridge really likes gazelles - and is instantly taken with the Braquasso picture.

With a willing buyer and a hopefully-willing seller, Jeff puts Penelope in the picture; and she arranges a meeting between the two parties at Creighton-Ward Manor...

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Attack of the Alligators!Edit

Communications Down...Edit

Jeff (Attack of the Alligators)

Jeff and his mother watch, as Virgil lifts off in TB2

Jeff sends Virgil and Alan off to nearby Mateo Island, whose massive Communications Mast has developed a fault - disrupting communications with Thunderbird 5...

Giant Alligators!? Edit

Jeff (Attack of the Alligators)2

Jeff gives the boys the details

...where an incredulous John later takes a call for help from Hector McGill, Dr. Orchard's assistant. After Brains works out a plan for the rescue of the people trapped inside the scientist's house on the Ambro River, Jeff sends his boys out to the danger zone...

The Cham-ChamEdit

Jeff (Cham-Cham)

The Game's afoot: when attacks on military transport planes seemingly coincide with live broadcasts of the song Dangerous Game, Jeff sets Brains to work to crack the codes of a special computer...

Security HazardEdit

Jeff (Security Hazard)

Stowaway on board!

One night, while Scott, Virgil and Alan are fighting a fire in an English mine, Thunderbirds 1 and 2 are left unattended - in a field near the home of a very curious young boy...

Main article: Unwelcome Guest

Atlantic InfernoEdit

Jeff (Atlantic Inferno)

A plot to get rid of me?

Jeff is invited on a holiday by Lady Penelope at her sheep station in Australia - but he's initially reluctant to accept, until his sons (even John, up on TB5!) prevail upon him that he truly deserves a proper rest...

Main article: Lady Penelope's Australian Ranch

Path of DestructionEdit

Jeff (Path of Destruction)

A tricky mission, for Virgil and Brains...

When the forest-clearing Crablogger goes on a path of destruction - after its crew passes out cold, from food poisoning - Jeff sends International Rescue into action, before the out-of-control behemoth crashes into the San Martino Dam...

Alias Mr. HackenbackerEdit

Jeff (Hackenbacker)

Jeff was very relaxed through-out this episode. Most of the time it was down to Mr.Hackenbacker

Lord Parker's 'OlidayEdit

Jeff (Lord Parkers Holiday)

Up all night!

It's a tense all-nighter for Jeff on Tracy Island, as his sons and Brains - over on the other side of the world - attempt to forestall disaster for the resort town of Monte Bianco...before it arrives, literally, with the rising sun...


Jeff (Ricochet)

Jeff's relaxation is disturbed by Tin-Tin and her favourite Pirate TV station KLA.

Give or Take a MillionEdit

Jef (Give or take a Million)

As "Christmas Control," Santa (Jeff) arranges a special flight of Thunderbird 3 for International Rescue's young holiday guest, Nicky...

Main article: Christmas on Tracy Island

Jeff appears in both feature-films, Thunderbirds are Go and Thunderbird 6.

He also appears in all 3 episodes of Thunderbirds 1965...

Thunderbirds Are Go (Film)Edit

Jeff Late Night
Jeff TAG Film

What just went *bump* in the night?

At the Swinging Star nightclub - in disguise!

Thunderbird 6 (Film)Edit

Jeff believes International Rescue needs a Thunderbird 6 - however, what should this new addition to the fleet look like, and what should it be capable of? He gives Brains an open brief, for designing it...

Introducing ThunderbirdsEdit

Tracy Villa Balcony Introducing Thunderbirds

Jeff hosts Lady Penelope and Parker on their first-ever visit to Tracy Island, so they can see how International Rescue will function once the secret organization begins operations. Their tour of the island includes observing the launch of Thunderbird 1 - from a vantage point overlooking the Tracy Villa's swimming pool...