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Jeremiah Tuttle, codenamed Agent 47, is an International Rescue agent residing somewhere in a Southern state of America with his mother in a remote bungalow. He only appeared in The Impostors.


Jeremiah was quite a character, Jeff Tracy met him when he was in the service, he worked on the Base. Always done favours, straight as they come. Jeff made him an Agent, as he guessed about his plains and what he hoped to do one day. Jeremiah asked to help, and Jeff couldn't refuse.

Jeremiah is a Hillbilly (people who dwell in rural, mountainous areas in the United States, primarily in Appalachia and the Ozarks) lives with his mother in a wooden shack, which has been provided with a hidden Communication device built into his kitchen stove, Jeremiah has also had modifications done to his Ford Model T car, to increase its speed.

Agent's MapEdit

Posing as a fellow reporter, Lady Penelope receives vital information from Eddie Kerr which enables Jeff Tracy to pinpoint the impostors in the area covered by Jeremiah Tuttle.

Jeff Tracy point to the Map of Utah, were a red dot shows Jeremiah lives south of Lake Sevier, near the Prisco mountain.


A Mission To Catch An ImpostorEdit

Remembering Jeremiah's report of aircraft tracks, Jeff sends Lady Penelope to investigate, Jeremiah and his mother set off in their Ford Model T car to meet lady Penelope on route.

Lady Penny Lope ArrivesEdit

Jeremiah takes Parker and Lady Penelope back to his house, were she makes plains to go up to the old mine, Jeremiah volunteers to go after the impostors, but Lady Penelope insists she will deal with them herself.

The Old MineEdit

Lady Penelope and Parker arrive at The Old Mine, (the impostors hideout), but they are spotted by the villains, who open fire on them. Fortunately Jeremiah and his mother have followed Lady Penelope and Parker into the woods and flush the two villains out of the mine with Ma Tuttle's Explosive Beans, International Rescue are exonerated.


  • Jeremiah refers to Lady Penelope as "Penny Lope".
  • The same puppet also appears as the guitar player in Path Of Destruction.

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