Jeremiah Tuttle's House is a bungalow located in the backwoods of a Southern state of America.

Jeremiah Tuttle and his mother live here.


Jeremiah's house is constructed out of wood and includes a loft, accessed through a hatch in the ceiling. The loft contains a satellite communications antenna for contacting Jeff Tracy via Thunderbird 5, a water tank, an emergency generator, solar panels for powering the computers, communications equipment, and the heating. As for the bungalow itself, the kitchen area with a wooden table and a few chairs doubles as a parlour.

The stove incorporates a computer and communications system which was to be kept a closely guarded secret. When someone gives the stove a few light kicks with their foot, a range panel slides back, revealing computer controls. A hidden microphone switches on in the flue, which promptly retreats into the ceiling, and then a video screen activates on the wall, allowing communication between Jeremiah and Tracy Island.

At the back of the house is a door that leads to the bathroom, bedroom and the garage, which is also used as a servicing pit for Jeremiah's car.


Outside the Tuttle's Shack


Cutaway DrawingEdit


A cutaway drawing of the Jeremiah Tuttle's house, illustrated by Graham Bleathman. Said cutaway featured in a certain Redan comic.