Jesse Rigel is a character from Thunderbirds 2086. He is the co-pilot of Thunderbird 2 for IRO, the International Rescue Organisation.

Personality & TraitsEdit

Born on the Moon before relocating to Houston Texas as an infant, Jesse always plays by the book. It's an act that can sometimes lead to conflict with his fellow pilots however, but these are usually forgiven and forgotten later. He is an incurable romantic, and will gladly take a few minutes off to talk about his many (and sometimes exaggerated) feats of bravery and heroism... if you're a gorgeous woman.

When not playing IRO's residential space cowboy, Jesse enjoys visiting the local cinema and watching old-time western films.

Jesse appears to be TB2086's answer to Alan Tracy, as both are incurable romantics.


  • Throughout the series, Jesse's surname was always pronounced Rig-Ell. For reasons unknown, it was changed to Rye-Jell for the final two episodes.

Foreign NameEdit

  • Japanese: Eric Jones (エリック·ジョーンズ)