The Jetpack is Scott Tracy's signature rescue item in Thunderbirds Are Go!, carried aboard Thunderbird 1. It is a small and sleek grey device that uses rocket power to grant the wearer the ability to fly. Its flames are blue, and the Thunderbird 1 logo is on the back of it. Scott uses it for enhanced mobility, scaling structures and floating across rough terrain with ease. It also comes in very handy for airborne rescue missions.

The Jetpack is a delicate equipment despite its uses, and it is often seen damaged or broken while being used on rescue missions, whenever it suffers impact of whatever sorts. As of now, the Jetpack is probably the most easily-damaged man-portable rescue equipment in International Rescue's inventory. In its debut episode, Ring of Fire Part 2, It was fried by the heat of the sun as Scott used it to enter the Solar Collector. It also stopped working after being smashed by a loose and violently swaying steel rope from a collapsing cable-stayed bridge in Chain Of Command. Despite its fragility, the Jetpack is a vitally useful tool that is lasting and very powerful for its size. It remains to be seen if Brains will eventually address the Jetpack's durability issues.


Ring of Fire Part 2Edit

The Solar Collector of Taiwan, located on top of a small mountain, was threatening to roast the nearby town via the reflection of sunlight. International Rescue had until sunrise to save the town. Scott Tracy used the Jetpack to fly up to the facility, and entered through the a hatch in the middle of the dish itself. The scorching heat fried up the Jetpack, but not before Scott could enter.


The HexpertEdit

Chain Of CommandEdit



  • The Jetpack was designed by Captain Lee Taylor, a man who is pretty much known for writing the textbook on space survival. However, it is currently unknown why a man who is always in need of lasting, durable equipment in his work, would design something so delicate and easily-damaged.