Jim Lucas is the CEO of Robotics Industries Ltd and appears in Path Of Destruction.

Personality & TraitsEdit

Jim is a highly successful businessman, having developed security robots, multi-storey car stacking auto-parks, (like the Parola Sands Automobile Park) and, perhaps most notably, the Crablogger.

He has demonstrated the ability to remain calm and not panic when held at gunpoint; promptly, without a struggle, Jim told Lady Penelope Creighton-Ward the emergency code to shut down the Crablogger's reactor to save many lives (because it really was an emergency with no time to explain).


A girl in the bedroom!

So That Explains the Girl in the BedroomEdit

After getting the shut-down code Lady Penelope put Jim back to sleep with a shot from her Tranquilizer gun. In the Morning, Jim, reads the "World News" to find that it wasn't a dream, there was a girl in his bedroom.